Workout & Meal Plans


Workout Plans

Custom Workout Plans I create a custom workout plan that is aligned with your fitness goals. If you follow the plan, you will get RESULTS. All plans include: 1. Nutrition 101 – which is an article on nutrition (what it is, importance of it and where to get certain nutrients) 2. Extra Workouts – If you are wanting to switch up your workout for the day, I suggest trying one of the extra workouts. It also include fitness challenges I created. 3. Stretching 101: Explains the important ace of stretching 4. Extra Workouts



Meal Plans

Custom Meal Plans I create a meal plan that is JUST RIGHT for you. The plan includes groceries list, 24/7 email support, recipes, meal plan examples, snacks, desserts, and explains the importance of nutrition and also breaks down which nutrients are important like macro and micronutrients.



Extra Plans

These plans are something different, it is those for those who want to take their training to a NEW LEVEL. 1. 5 Days of Flexibility 2. 4 Days of SPARK 3. Stretching 101 4. Fix My Posture