Workout & Meal Plans

Workout Plans

Custom Workout Plans I create a custom workout plan that is aligned with your fitness goals. If you follow the plan, you will get RESULTS. All plans include: 1. Nutrition 101 – which is an article on nutrition (what it is, importance of it and where to get certain nutrients) 2. Extra Workouts – If you are wanting to switch up your workout for the day, I suggest trying one of the extra workouts. It also include fitness challenges I created.


Meal Plans

Custom Meal Plans I create a meal plan that is JUST RIGHT for you. The plan includes groceries list, 24/7 email support, recipes, meal plan examples, snacks, desserts, and explains the importance of nutrition and also breaks down which nutrients are important like macro and micronutrients.


$5 Dollar Extra Plans

These plans are something different, it is those for those who want to take their training to a NEW LEVEL. 1. 5 Days of Flexibility 2. 4 Days of SPARK 3. Stretching 101 4. Fix My Posture