$10 Workout Plans

The Athlete Inside – 1 Month Plan that consists of bodyweight exercises. 3 days a week, with 2 active rest days. This plan is for those who can’t make it to the gym. No weights needed.

Reach the Sky Vertical – 3 Week Plan that consists of plyometric training. This plan is essential for those looking to get more explosive, increase speed or increase vertical. 4 days a week.

Core & Thor – 4 Week Plan that consists of attacking the core and building strength/size. This plan focuses on high weight and low reps. However, extra reps is better down the road and for extra intensity (add resistance bands)

Building Strength – 4 Week Plan that focus on gaining strength overall. Building muscles throughout the body. Strength Dripping Everywhere!

From Flabs to Abs – 2 Week Plan that focuses on toning up your abs. Stronger & Sexier Core.

Beginner’s Six Week Program – 6 Week Plan that focuses on helping beginners get introduced to fitness. This plan is mainly for people who have never worked out before. It starts out with bodyweight exercises to help individuals get adjusted to this new lifestyle.

Strong, Tone, & Shredded – 4 Week Plan that focuses on increasing strength, getting tone and shredded.

Firm & Tone Booty – 4 Week Plan that focus on toning the butt & gaining strength in the legs as well.

Women’s 1 Month & Tone – 1 Month Plan that focuses on bodyweight exercises. No weights needed

Summer Curves – 1 Month Plan for the ladies looking to be peaking when they hit the beach this summer. This workout focuses on: building leg strength, building a bigger butt, toning the legs and strengthening the hips.

Power, Mobility & Strength – 1 Month, 5 Days a Week. This program focuses on improving your power in all your lifts, improving your mobility (Range of Motion) throughout the body and strengthen these muscles so they can withstand external forces.

Welcome Back Strength – 2 Week Program, 3 days a week. Perfect for senior citizens who are looking to build some strength, lose a few lbs and increase their endurance while building a stronger heart.

Elite Endurance – 7 days a week. This isn’t your average workout plan. This plan focuses on taking your endurance to SPACE and BACK.

Women’s Strength & Mobility: 5 days a week, 4 Week Program, focused on strengthen your joints and improving your mobility (Range of Motion).

30 Days Till Tone & Strong – 30 Days of intense training. You’ll be challenging yourself in new ways (mentally and physically).

Month of Endurance – 1 Month, 5 days a week. Focused on increasing your endurance, so you never have to get ready, you’ll always be ready.