My viewpoint on hospitals, doctors and BIG PHARMA is that it’s SICK CARE 101

What’s SICK CARE 101?

That’s when physicians/doctors/nurses are mostly treating symptoms of sickness/illness by prescribing medications to help the person manage their sickness/illness.

When you’re managing a disease; it’s a WIN WIN for BIG PHARMA because it allows the people to continue what they were doing in the first place that got some in the situation; while BIG PHARMA racks up the dough like Pillsbury. It’s very profitable for the health-care (sick care or sick management) business.

So they aren’t really treating your sickness/illness. However, they are just treating the symptoms with a drug ; which has side effects which could cause you to come back for more drugs because of the side effects of the first drug. It’s an ongoing cycle and just like that: YOU’RE A CUSTOMER FOREVER

DID YOU KNOW — In medical school, students receive minimal education about nutrition; what they do is learn how to spot nutritional deficiencies and to correct them.

For example, you come in because of a goiter, which is an iodine deficiency so they provide iodine supplements.

For example, you come in because of anemia, which is usually caused by iron deficiency so they provide iron supplements.

Whatever you are deficient in, there’s a pill for it!

Misleading Insurance

We are constantly being told that we need insurance.

  • Auto insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • The list goes on and on and on…,,

However, in some cases we are told that the insurance that we have doesn’t cover certain procedures, certain plans, certain events and etc. Which means that you will have to come out of pocket which is money been wasted. So what was the point of buying insurance in the first place. HUH SWAY???

So what’s the real point of insurance? Why can’t there be a one size fits all type? If they really are about protecting and insuring; then why don’t we protect the people’s pockets. With all the bills people have today, they don’t even have time for themselves. Like why isn’t insurance automatically included; why do we have to pay for insurance when we buy a house, car — why isn’t it included?

The RANT is over; all I’m saying is some things are a priority and some are just scams to get more money out if you. No saying insurance is a scam; but I have some questions about it, not too quick to follow the Norm.

No Waste Challenge

For the rest of the year; 78 days & 9 hours I can’t buy any plastic that isn’t bio degradable & if I do I must save the plastic to see what my consumption looks like at the end of the 78 days.

Who’s down to join the CHALLENGE??

  • Recyclable is still PLASTIC
  • Post a picture of your pile at the end of your challenge.
  • Time range is up to you; I’m going until Dec 31 #78days

Dangers of Iron Supplements

Iron is essential and is the most abundant metals on earth; but yet there is a worldwide deficiency. Which leads to people feeling the need to take iron supplements since they don’t consume enough on a daily. However, this comes with a price to pay.

DID YOU KNOW: iron supplements are pro-oxidative meaning they promote oxidation which means they create oxidative stress.

Iron supplements are the opposite of antioxidants, they encourage free radicals to perform their mischief, which leads to a increased risk of cancer, heart disease, aging, and other chronic diseases.

If you take iron supplements; they should be taking only in a deficiency and for a short period of time. However, it’s better if you get your iron from Whole Foods.

Foods loaded with Iron

  • Seeded Grapes
  • Tahini
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Seeded Watermelon
  • Quinoa
  • Figs
  • Avocado
  • Amaranth
  • Hemp seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Collard greens
  • Chickpeas

Foods that fight Free Radicals

Free radicals are high energy particles with at least one unpaired electron that go wild in the body, ricocheting around trying to match up their unpaired electrons. This causes damage and leads to heart disease, cancers, autoimmune disease, macular degeneration, impaired immunity and accelerated aging.

How Free Radicals are caused by

  • Sunlight
  • Automobile exhaust
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Food additives
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Emotional stress
  • Exposure to heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium

DID YOU KNOW: during breathing aka respiration, free radicals are formed. This causes oxidation occur and oxidation sets off a series of reactions that create instability and keen self-perpetuating. If this process prolongs it causes diseases to develop.

However, we can fight against free radicals when we consume foods high in antioxidants. These special compounds from plants sacrifice an electron, neutralizing free radicals and stopping the process of oxidation in its tracks.

Potent Antioxidants

  • Carotenoids (vitamin A) Cantaloupe, mangoes, watermelon, collard greens, squash, peaches, mustard greens, kale, bell peppers, papaya, apricots, grapes, tomatoes
  • Vitamin E Avocado, Chard, walnuts, mangoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, oregano, parsley, papaya, dried apricots, Brazil nuts, coconut oil, olive oil
  • Vitamin C bell peppers,strawberries, Cantaloupe, Tomato, Watermelon, citrus fruits, apple, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, mangoes, watercress
  • Selenium Brazil nuts, mushrooms, onions

I don’t suggest buying supplements, I suggest getting these antioxidants from the source. Whole Natural Foods

Small Talk (Icebreaker or Avoider)

I’m not a big FAN of small talk and I’m wondering if small talk can be an icebreaker or an avoider.

The reason why I am not a fan of small talk is because there are millions of things we could talk about besides the weather, sports, asking how my day is when you really don’t care, and the list goes on and on.

I feel that small talk can be a icebreaker because you are breaking the comfort zone with someone before you start to open up. You don’t want to tell people everything about you or things you think about because you might think they will view you differently

I feel that small talk can be a avoider meaning that you avoid certain conversations, topics with people because you don’t want to have them viewing you differently, block you, hate you and etc.

However, I feel that that’s the only true way we can learn about others. Learn about their views on certain topics, talk about extravagant things and just get a different outlook on life.

Small talk is cool for certain situations (maybe) but it just destroys real human connection. Small talk doesn’t help you really connect with you and that’s why I’m not a fan of it.

Do you think small talk is a avoider or ice breaker?

U.S. Population lacking Vitamin D

Currently 70 to 97% percent of United States citizens are lacking the essential vitamin known as Vitamin D. That’s because now a lot of us are homebodies. We are inside mostly all day which eliminates us from getting SUNLIGHT who’s job is to create Vitamin D for us.

Did You Know: Every cell in the body contains Vitamin D receptors, indicating its importance for optimal functioning.

So many of us rely on preformed vitamin D which is found only in animal products such as fatty fish, liver oils, milk, beef liver, and egg yolks. Furthermore, Food companies know that vitamin D is hard to get nutritionally, so they add fortified vitamin D to milks, fruit juices, cereals, breads, nutrition bars, and pastas.

Easy Way To Reach Daily Vitamin D Requirement is to sit in the sun for 20 minutes, if you have a darker complexion then you need to extend your time due to it taking a longer time for the sun to do its duty.

Cons of Low Vitamin D

  • Increase of chronic diseases such as cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes,
  • Increase of autoimmune diseases; which is a big reason why people who live in cities with cold environments such as Chicago or New York get sick in the winter due to a lower intake of vitamin D

The RDA recommends 15 micrograms of vitamin D daily for those individuals (age 1 to 70) and for those 70+ individuals, they need 20 micrograms. There’s no such thing as too much Vitamin D in my eyes; what’s the worst that can happen.

Cons of TOO much Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a naturally substance required by our body; but only in small amounts. Because the liver makes between 800 to 1,000 milligrams of cholesterol per day. So we don’t need to overload our system with cholesterol; even though they promote cholesterol like crazy on tv especially with cereal ads.

Cholesterol is necessary in order to produce many hormones such as vitmains D and bile acids; which help to digest fat. Which is essential since fat is our a source of fuel.

Cons of TOO much Cholesterol:

Excessive amounts of Cholesterol promoted atherosclerosis: which is known for causing fat and cholesterol to be deposited throughout the walls of the body.

Once this process starts to help, it eventually leads to cardiovascular disease.

So with that being said; we must be aware of our intake of cholesterol. Don’t consume too much and if you don’t consume any today; it won’t be too big of a deal because your liver produces enough for you.