Fitness Challenges

Do you have what it takes to COMPLETE one of my fitness challenges?? TezFitness 1,000 Reps Club1000 Reps Club - TezFitness โšก๏ธโšก๏ธ 100 Pull-ups 200 pushups 100 sit-ups 100 Dips 100 Ab Crunches 100 Jumping Jacks 100 Mountain Climbers 100 Burpees 100 Squats Bike ChallengeHow far can you go in 10 minutes? (Spin Bike) | … Continue reading Fitness Challenges

Muscular System

There are more benefits of having muscles, other than the reasons seen by the human eye. Muscular System Consists Of: Skeletal &ย Cardiac functions involuntarily, Smooth Muscles can be consciously controlled DID YOU KNOW: Muscles have their own system in the body called: Muscular System. Muscular System: Helps you maintain correct posture Control the movements of … Continue reading Muscular System

Strength & Balance @Home Workout

A good balance is the result of a strong core, stable tendons and powerful support muscl groups. Balance exercises help develop the muscle groups and tendons needed for developing muscular control, great physical prowess and the kind of body strength that marks true athletes. This workout is a SEQUENCE. Meaning you will go from one … Continue reading Strength & Balance @Home Workout