2 Types of Body Fat

Body Fat AKA adipose tissue is essentially tissue whose energy purpose is to store energy DID YOU KNOW: there are 2 types of body fat Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT): Generates body heat and is found in newborn human babies and also in hibernating mammal, who uses it to keep them warm. (there is a small […]

Go Your Own Way

Everyone in this world has been brought here because they have a special skill, trade or ability. We just have to figure it out. That’s why it’s important to GO YOUR OWN WAY. Because if you’re copy someone else than you won’t be YOU. You will be a copy and not an original. You can […]


Things Unsuccessful People Do Have a sense of entitlement Criticize Take all the credit off their victories Watch tv everyday Fear change Talk about people Horde information and data Exude anger Hold a grudge Blame others for their failures Think they know it all Operate from a transactional perspective Secretly hope others fail Don’t know […]


THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO/HAVE Have a sense of gratitude Compliment Give other people credit for victories Read everyday Talk about ideas Share information and data Exude joy Embrace Change Keep a “to-do/project” list Forgive others Accept responsibility for their failures Want others to succeed Keep a”to-be” list Set goals and develop life plans Continuously learn […]