I find it very interesting that when we take a nap or when we are clocking out for the night; we enter another world. We enter the “Dream World” where anything happens and everything goes. Lately, I have been writing down my dreams and keeping a dream journal because I want to see if my […]

My Opinion on Routines

I feel like routines can be beneficial in certain areas of your life; but I also feel like routines block uncertainty from coming into your life. I say that because I have always heard advice about having grand rising routines and night routines which I feel like can be beneficial. Then, I think about how […]

No Post is a GOOD SIGN

I was suppose to post at 8am today but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post about. I didn’t want to just post anything because all of my post are intentional and they have a meaning behind them. So I am saying when you see I haven’t post yet; it’s a good sign because […]

Inside Gifts

We take our Inside Gifts for granted. You may be wondering what our inside gifts are and how you are taking them for granted. Your inside gifts are the those amazing characteristics/traits that GOD has blessed you with. Patience Humility Intuition Patience Honesty Understanding Kindness Acceptance Courage Faith Love The list goes on…..and on….. and […]


The title says it all! You are AWARE of the things that are currently holding you back from reaching your goals/dreams/ambitions. I am totally aware of the things that are holding me back and limiting me from reaching my full potential — GOKU MODE We all are AWARE of what’s limiting us; the problem is […]

Effort is your SUPERPOWER

Yes I said it, Effort is a Superpower. We all have this superpower. Some people just are more aware of this superpower than others; and they take advantage of it. Now you may ask, how is effort a superpower? It’s a superpower because we can do and accomplish amazing, phenomenal, and mind blowing tasks with […]

Die on E

I heard this saying from Eric Thomas and it’s been a huge driving force for me. His slogan: Die on E Now when you hear this, what comes to mind for you? I hope you’re not stressing about physical death because if you haven’t been told it’s an illusion. We are spiritual beings having a […]

CON of Social Media

Before I start lashing out on social media (lol) and talk about the con of it. I will say that social media has been an advantage for me because I am able to impact, learn, grow and connect with others all over the world 🌎 However, the main con against social media is how it […]

Recap of No Music Challenge

For the whole month of August I was intentionally not listening to music. I listened to videos/talks: Podcast Ted Talks Random YouTube videos Motivational Speakers Astrology During this whole month I was aware of how music affects us in multiple ways. I’ve definitely learned a lot over this whole month. I notice how music can […]