Don’t Set That Alarm, I’m Sleeping!

*information obtained from African-American Healthy by Richard Walker Jr, M.D Although diet and exercise are very important elements in the achievement of a desirable body weight and healthy/normal blood sugar level. Sleep appears to be heavily involved in the equations as well. DID YOU KNOW: Sleep deprivation has been linked to insulin resistance and even … Continue reading Don’t Set That Alarm, I’m Sleeping!

Are You Getting Adequate Sleep?

*information obtained from Eight Weeks To Optimum Health by Andrew Weil, M.D Adequate sleep is a key element of a healthy lifestyle; lack of it increases susceptibility to illness. I am sure you can look to your own experience to find instances when a good night's sleep nipped early illness in the bud and restored … Continue reading Are You Getting Adequate Sleep?

Why people are ANGRY when they don’t sleep?

As you may know, Sleep is ESSENTIAL and Sleep Deprivation can be DEADLY. SLEEP helps with our ability to learn, memorize, and make logical decisions/choices. SLEEP helps recalibrate our emotional brain circuits, which allows us to deal with next-day social and physiological challenges without BLOWING STEAM! So with that being said, when you don't sleep … Continue reading Why people are ANGRY when they don’t sleep?