Nine Types of Proteins

Enzymes – proteins that break molecules down to be absorbed by the body. If we didn’t have enzymes the metabolic process would happen too slowly and we would die. Structural Proteins – strengthen cells. ( collagen makes up 25% of the body’s total protein, it strengthen bones and connective tissue) Signaling Proteins – facilitate cellular […]

Function of Protein

Protein takes up about 20% of the body weight and is the primary component of muscles, hair, skin, eyes, nails and internal organs. Functions of Protein: Carrying oxygen to the tissues Regulating water in cells Normalizing acid-alkaline balance by acting as buffers Forming all enzymes that spark metabolism Building and repairing tissues Now you can […]

Proteins Role in the BODY

Protein has a very important role in the human body. Protein and their sidekick (amino acids) are known as the building blocks of life. They help to form cellular organelles Act as enzymes – breaking things down They assist in the structural role, known as protein collagen – which is located in joints, tendons and […]