Plant Based Meat Alternatives Are Not Food

*information obtained from Larrabee Herbs (located in Elmwood Park, Illinois) DO YOU KNOW WHAT HEXANE is ? HEXANE — made from crude oil. Pure n-hexane is a colorless liquid with a slightly disagreeable odor. The major use for solvents containing hexane is to extract vegetable oils from crops such as soybeans. Inhaling hexane causes nerve … Continue reading Plant Based Meat Alternatives Are Not Food

Life Skills We Need

CookingGardening & Harvesting Problem-SolvingRelationships Confrontation SewingKnitting FishingHunting Connecting & Building a relationship with the Creator Building/CraftmanshipCamping/HikingSurvival TacticsBuilding/Making a fire Self — Defense Creativity Teamwork Critical ThinkingCommunication Resilience Decision MakingSelf Management Optimistic Life BalanceEmotional ControlBasic First AidJump Start A CarChange a Tire/ Change Oil/ Basic Home Repair How to use a mapCope with failureCooperation NegotiationEmpathy What … Continue reading Life Skills We Need

5 Habits 4 Optimal Health

Fitness “Move It or Lose It” — we need to keep our bodies moving. We weren’t created to be stationary; that’s why so many office workers face tons of health problems. In addition, exercise controls weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and releases stress.Sleep “ Get Those Zs” — a good night sleep will generate a well … Continue reading 5 Habits 4 Optimal Health

Link Calories to Required Activity to Burn Calories

I feel that the greatest thing that food manufacturers or food companies could do for us is; to create a chart that links the calories in there foods to the required activity mandatory to burn those calories. For example, if you were aware that it would take more than 10+ minutes of intense training just … Continue reading Link Calories to Required Activity to Burn Calories

Self Perception Pulling You Down. Can you see it?

People are slowed down by the self perception of themselves. They aren’t able to obtain their dream life because of the limited beliefs of themselves. They’ve been told so many times that they are something they are not. Others have told them: You’re a failure You’re a mistake You’re a disgrace You’re nothing You’re a … Continue reading Self Perception Pulling You Down. Can you see it?