My viewpoint on hospitals, doctors and BIG PHARMA is that it’s SICK CARE 101 What’s SICK CARE 101? That’s when physicians/doctors/nurses are mostly treating symptoms of sickness/illness by prescribing medications to help the person manage their sickness/illness. When you’re managing a disease; it’s a WIN WIN for BIG PHARMA because it allows the people to […]

Misleading Insurance

We are constantly being told that we need insurance. Auto insurance Life insurance Health insurance Home insurance Property insurance Disability insurance Renters insurance Flood insurance The list goes on and on and on…,, However, in some cases we are told that the insurance that we have doesn’t cover certain procedures, certain plans, certain events and […]

Foods that fight Free Radicals

Free radicals are high energy particles with at least one unpaired electron that go wild in the body, ricocheting around trying to match up their unpaired electrons. This causes damage and leads to heart disease, cancers, autoimmune disease, macular degeneration, impaired immunity and accelerated aging. How Free Radicals are caused by Sunlight Automobile exhaust Cigarette […]

U.S. Population lacking Vitamin D

Currently 70 to 97% percent of United States citizens are lacking the essential vitamin known as Vitamin D. That’s because now a lot of us are homebodies. We are inside mostly all day which eliminates us from getting SUNLIGHT who’s job is to create Vitamin D for us. Did You Know: Every cell in the […]

Soooo many TAXES?

It’s literally a TAX for any and everything. We get tax before we get our money, than we get taxed again to get your money in physical form if you receive a paycheck. Then, if I go to the store to spend my money, there’s a sales tax. In addition, some places have a city […]

Protein Deficient Vegans

Vegans/Plant Based beings always get hassled when they tell their friends or family that they are going to stop consuming meat, dairy, eggs, fish, and etc. The first thing everyone always ask: Where Will You Get Your Protein? If I got $1 for every time, I was asked or heard that question I could buy […]


I find it very interesting that when we take a nap or when we are clocking out for the night; we enter another world. We enter the “Dream World” where anything happens and everything goes. Lately, I have been writing down my dreams and keeping a dream journal because I want to see if my […]

My Opinion on Routines

I feel like routines can be beneficial in certain areas of your life; but I also feel like routines block uncertainty from coming into your life. I say that because I have always heard advice about having grand rising routines and night routines which I feel like can be beneficial. Then, I think about how […]

Inside Gifts

We take our Inside Gifts for granted. You may be wondering what our inside gifts are and how you are taking them for granted. Your inside gifts are the those amazing characteristics/traits that GOD has blessed you with. Patience Humility Intuition Patience Honesty Understanding Kindness Acceptance Courage Faith Love The list goes on…..and on….. and […]