CON of Social Media

Before I start lashing out on social media (lol) and talk about the con of it. I will say that social media has been an advantage for me because I am able to impact, learn, grow and connect with others all over the world 🌎 However, the main con against social media is how it […]

Fitness Challenges

Do you have what it takes to COMPLETE one of my fitness challenges?? TezFitness 1,000 Reps Club 1000 Reps Club – TezFitness ⚡️⚡️ 100 Pull-ups 200 pushups 100 sit-ups 100 Dips 100 Ab Crunches 100 Jumping Jacks 100 Mountain Climbers 100 Burpees 100 Squats Bike Challenge How far can you go in 10 minutes? (Spin […]


I ran across this amazing quote around 1am and it really hit home. Because there was a time when I use to hesitate with my content. I wanted it to be perfect or I didn’t think it was good enough. Now I know, it doesn’t have to be perfect and it will never be good […]

Hard Times Don’t Last

Most of the time we as beings focus on the HARD TIMES. We focus on what we don’t have, what we lack and how stressful certain situations are. However, they won’t last forever. Pain doesn’t last forever; eventually it will disappear. So instead of focusing on the hard times; I recommend we focus on the […]

Book Club

I am thinking about starting a book club. Would anyone be interested in a book club? We would read books on vast topics but we will also be applying the things we learn to situations in life. Learning & Growing If you’re interested please get ahold of me: Comment on this post Contact me through […]


I created an Instagram called @whatsontheback and on there I educate people on the ingredients in their food. I think that it’s important for US to know what’s in our food. KNOW THY INGREDIENTS I think it’s important because I’ve learned that there are some TOXIC ingredients in some of our foods. KEY TIP: Follow […]

Proteins Role in the BODY

Protein has a very important role in the human body. Protein and their sidekick (amino acids) are known as the building blocks of life. They help to form cellular organelles Act as enzymes – breaking things down They assist in the structural role, known as protein collagen – which is located in joints, tendons and […]

Yesterday’s Workout

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel………. HERE IS THE LINK: TEZFITNESS In the beginning of November I started this workout program I created called ” November – Month of Endurance”. I don’t know why I choose that name, but I thought it would be best to be in TOP SHAPE during CHICAGO’S COLD WINTER. […]

Building Healthy Knees

If you have been wondering how to build healthy knees, then you have come to the right BLOG at the right time. 🙂 You build healthy knees by developing strong legs. How to develop STRONG LEGS: Deep Squats, pushing your knees outward and keeping your spine and chest as upright and tight as you can. […]