Die on E

I heard this saying from Eric Thomas and it’s been a huge driving force for me. His slogan: Die on E Now when you hear this, what comes to mind for you? I hope you’re not stressing about physical death because if you haven’t been told it’s an illusion. We are spiritual beings having a […]

The Stages to GRIEF

When someone die, we go through 3 stages of grief. Sometimes it takes people longer than usual to go through the stages. I feel like that depends on your relationship with the person you lost. Grief is just the emotional response to the loss of the person. First stage| shock, numbness, disbelief; denial Most people […]

The COMEUP — Newest Instagram

Check out the latest Instagram page I created called the ” COME UP”. The PURPOSE of this page is to connect one another through LOVE ❤️ #COMEUP We all have things that we deem as TRASH 🗑 but could mean the world to another being‼️ So instead of donating or selling it; let’s give it […]

Inside A Credit Report

Identifying Information: Your name, current and previous addresses, phone number, social security number, date of birth, and current and previous employers. Public Records: Bankruptcies, tax liens, monetary judgements, debts in collection and in some states, overdue child support. Credit Information: Details about open and closed accounts, such as opening date, credit limit or loan amount, […]


It’s already hard being Vegan, Plant-Based, Meat-Free in today’s society. You deal with: People’s bizarre questions Limited food options (store’s not carrying vegan options) Finding Restaurants aka Food Scavenger Hunt Prices of Food (even though it’s just plants & veggies) The list goes on……………………… However, I am writing this list to help my fellow Chicagoans […]

Living in the MOMENT

This concept goes over a lot of people’s head. I guess it’s easily said than done. Living in the MOMENT – my definition is being in the PRESENT. Not thinking about the future or stressing about the past. It’s living in the moment that is currently happen. Being present, and knowing what is actually going […]