$25 Nutrition Guide

I created a Nutrition Guide to help people obtain optimal health. This nutrition guide breaks down the true definition of nutrition, how to obtain optimal health through nutrition and explains the importance of nutrition. In addition, you’ll receive: Groceries List | Foods you should be buying at the store; which would help you obtain optimal … Continue reading $25 Nutrition Guide

Food Tips Before Workout

There are numerous things you can consume before going to the gym. However, everything doesn't supply you with energy like carbs and Vitamin B1 does. If you're looking for FASTER FULFILLING ENERGY, I recommend consuming carbohydrates with Vitamin B1. Carbohydrates: 1st source converted to energy Vitamin B1: helps convert carbs into energy Carbohydrates + Vitamin … Continue reading Food Tips Before Workout

Best Exercises To Bulk Up – Lower Body

Hips: Split Squats Side Leg Lifts Lunge Variations Clams Fire Hydrants Monster Walks Quadriceps: Dumbbell Step Ups Front Squats Leg Extensions Back Squats Hack Machine Leg Press Hamstrings: Deadlifts Good Mornings Glute Bridges Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift Lying Leg Curls Lower Back: Hyperextensions Bent Over Rows Superman's Calves: Double-leg Calf Raises Single-leg Calf Raises Straight Leg … Continue reading Best Exercises To Bulk Up – Lower Body