Sugar consumption has been associated with heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, irritable bowel disease, chronic fatigue, candida, and many pain-related conditions. Sugar can inhibit the absorption of vitamin C into white blood cells, causing reduce immunity.Β  Sugar in all forms should be avoided, or limited as much as possible. This includes white and brown sugar … Continue reading SUGAR 101

Processed Foods 101

Processed foods and those containing artificial ingredients are best avoided. The processing component removes vitamins and minerals from the foods, diminishing their nutritional value. After the food has been processed, artificial ingredients and additives are then added to enhance its flavor, taste and shelf-life.Β  After long-term consumption these foods and additives begin to wreak havoc … Continue reading Processed Foods 101


BE AWARE OF THE SUGAR AND CAFFEINE IN YOUR DRINKS. Maximum Caffeine Recommended Daily: Children (7-9 years) 62.5 mg/day Children (10-12 years) 85 mg/day Adolesents (13-17 years) 100 mg/day Adults (18+) 280mg/day Gatorade Sports Drink 20 Oz.Β  Sugar: 8.5 teaspoons (34 grams) Caffiene: 0 milligrams McDonald's Sweet Tea (Medium) 21 Oz.Β  Sugar: 11 teaspoons (45 … Continue reading RETHINK YOUR DRINK


Halitosis, the transient bad breath that everyone develops occasionally, is usually a trivial problem caused by certain foods or drinks, smoking or poor dental hygiene. Often, a chemical in food is responsible. For exmple, bad breath can be caused by consumption of onions and garlic, due to their high sulfur content. Moreover, residues of wine, … Continue reading DO YOU HAVE BAD BREATH?

The Immune System

The Immune System defends the body from invasion and remembers every enemy it meets. Vitamins, minerals and proteins help keep this defenese system on the alert. The Immune System defends us agaisnt threats from both utside and inside the body. Most often, the external threats are infections caused by invading bacteria, viruses, and fungi, while … Continue reading The Immune System

Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant Based – What’s the Difference or Are they the Same?

Vegan Exclusive plant eater, who lives solely on plant products and excludes all animal flesh, including that of poultry and fish, as well as any product made by an animal, such as milk and all other dairy products, eggs, gelatin and honey. Typically, vegans don't wear clothing or other items made with anima products. No … Continue reading Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant Based – What’s the Difference or Are they the Same?