The Stages to GRIEF

When someone die, we go through 3 stages of grief. Sometimes it takes people longer than usual to go through the stages. I feel like that depends on your relationship with the person you lost. Grief is just the emotional response to the loss of the person. First stage| shock, numbness, disbelief; denial Most people […]

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Active Listening Skills

Everyone thinks they are a good listener but actually they are a good HEARER. Often (everyone including me) we are only hearing others and not actually listening. We are most often hearing to respond and not active listening. Active Listening Don’t interrupt, disagree, evaluate or judge Don’t assume or jump to conclusions Responds Paraphrase what […]

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Toxic Behaviors

We all have times in life where our energy or focus in not where we want it to be. We all have 10 Toxic Behaviors that can hurt us more than it can help us. In addition, these behaviors leech from one another because as you start with one; you’re more likely to go on […]

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Mind/Muscle Connection

Gym Goers there is something you need to know and knowing it will help increase your focus and gains in the gym (mentally and physically) When you’re in the gym doing you’re workout; you need to be TUNED into that muscle or lift. I say that because when you are focusing on that muscle you’re […]

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Locus of Control

The locus of control is the degree to which you believe you have control over your life. Did you know there are two types? ( internal locus control and external locus control) Internal Locus Control means that you have motivation from the inside. Knowing that despite the obstacle; you’ll come out on top due to […]

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I would say that I am a very open-minded person and I love to talk to people who possess a different outlook on life. However, I do catch myself on days when I’m not as open as I would like to be. On those days, when my stress or anxiety levels are high and someone […]

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The COMEUP โ€” Newest Instagram

Check out the latest Instagram page I created called the ” COME UP”. The PURPOSE of this page is to connect one another through LOVE โค๏ธ #COMEUP We all have things that we deem as TRASH ๐Ÿ—‘ but could mean the world to another beingโ€ผ๏ธ So instead of donating or selling it; letโ€™s give it […]

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