Plant Based Diet Review 

Why I choose Plant Based Diet? Furthermore, I will go into detail about how I felt since I started Plant Based Diet 🌱  When I first said I was going to do a Plant Based Diet, so many people felt nervous for me. It seemed as they thought I wouldn’t be able to survive without meat. […]

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The Power of Podcasts

Huge S/O to one of my closest friend Kris Nign for putting me on the podcast lifestyle. I appreciate it, & I’m very thankful.  I have learned SO MUCH!  It’s so much information in this WORLD!  We are bombarded daily with facts, myths and all sorts of information.  We need help trying to sort out […]

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Biggest Weight Loss Mistake

  Cutting Calories To lose weight, we need to expend more energy than we take in. (energy is measured in calories. Our body is designed to survive so when you cut calories, your body reacts to that because you basically stole food from yourself. If you decide to stop consuming the daily recommended calories your […]

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So many people have problems when they decide to make that change to becoming more active/healthy. They start to work out, but then they don’t notice results ASAP. 30 days of consistency will be required to start seeing noticeable change in their outward appearance. (4 days a week for 30 days) Change will not happen […]



THIS IS A LIST OF VITAMINS THAT I CONSUME  Vitamins have specific role to play in the natural wear and tear of the body. There are many vitamin benefits that have a major impact on our overall health. Vitamins are divided into two types: fat soluble and water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, […]