Semen Retention

Information obtained from Pastor Percy It takes about 64 days for the male's body to reproduce sperm and around 20 to 28 days for it to be transported and finally ejaculated. Sperm & Semen are two differnt things | Sperm are the reproductive swimmers on a mission Semen is the slip and slide substance … Continue reading Semen Retention

Bible App | Chapter Spoke To Me Bind My Wandering Heart to Thee There are times during the hard seasons when our hearts may wander from the gravitational pull of God's love. But what if the trials, hardships, struggles, and detours were actually for your good? What if these difficult seasons were meant to help you destroy idols buried in your … Continue reading Bible App | Chapter Spoke To Me

Patience is a VIRTUE!

Check Out Blogs | | What is Patience ? “Patience” is best described as a state of forbearance or restraint in the face of delay or provocation, without becoming overwhelmed by annoyance or anger. It is the ability to endure something negative that’s found its’ way into our environment, without letting it control … Continue reading Patience is a VIRTUE!