Less Money = More Problems

As mentioned earlier this week for #DidyouknowMondays — there are a quarter of Americans or more that live paycheck to paycheck. 43% households have $1k or less in savings 60% don’t pay their credit card balances each month With this being said, I feel that the less money you have the more problems you face. […]

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Clear Mind Fitness 5K

June 1 I decided to run in a 5K. Without doing any kind of training for it, and while sleeping only 4 hours before the event I did great and meet some amazing individuals as well. On the day of the, I forgot my shoes at home so I had to run in foamposites. For […]

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Good News Family

I got picked to be featured on this company called “BLK FIT” and I was able to share my story on how me and fitness got introduced, some barriers I face as a trainer and more. Link is attached: BLK FIT Interview

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Book Club

I am thinking about starting a book club. Would anyone be interested in a book club? We would read books on vast topics but we will also be applying the things we learn to situations in life. Learning & Growing If you’re interested please get ahold of me: Comment on this post Contact me through […]

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12 Kinds of Love

There are many ways you can show someone that you LOVE them. Caring Understanding Respect Devotion Validation Reassurance Trust Acceptance Appreciation Admiration Approval Encouragement If you think you have ran out of ways to show someone you LOVE them. This list will help you come out with new ideas on how to show/prove to them […]

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Trickery Words = Loaded Calories

When you go out to eat, it’s intriguing to see how creative places can get when coming up with names for food. Beware!! Even though that name sounds harmless or funny; these food choices can be loaded with calories. Trickery Words Used Golden Crispy, Battered, Crusted, Pan, Light or Deep Fried Loaded, Jumbo, Stacked Creamy, […]

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