What’s your “Stumble Response” ?

Quote from the book I’m reading “Glory Days” — everyone stumbles; the difference is in the response. This quote simply says; everyone fails, everyone has setbacks, everyone go through rough patches/hard times, everyone have dealt with a tragic event. However, the most important thing you need to focus on is recovering. How you’ll bounce backContinue reading “What’s your “Stumble Response” ?”

Learn For Yourself

It’s important for us to learn things on our own. Don’t always look for information learned by others via books, blogs, magazines, articles, etc. Because when you do this you are just learning someone’s perspective on a certain subject. I’m not saying anything is wrong with that; I’m just saying that sometimes it’s best toContinue reading “Learn For Yourself”

Up a Notch

It’s very vital that you take your workouts “up a notch” if you want to see results. You must challenge your mind, body and your spirit. Don’t only challenge yourself physically; but you need to challenge yourself mentally and spiritually. When you’re working out you’re challenging your physical body but you are also challenging theContinue reading “Up a Notch”

Words have POWER

Words aren’t just things you say, they hold a tremendous amount of power. You can literally speak things into your life just by speaking. Words can either make you or break you. Meaning they can either help you/benefit you or they could hurt you. As the Bible says; the power of life and death resonatesContinue reading “Words have POWER”

Immune System = Gut Health

You’ve heard the saying: you are what you eat What you put inside your body affects your GI (gastrointestinal tract) which is your insides direct link to the outside world. DID YOU KNOW: your GI tract acts as a filter because it decides what gets access into the bloodstream and what has to keep movingContinue reading “Immune System = Gut Health”

Bad Eating Habits “ Holiday Edition”

When the holidays come, everyone uses the “holiday” as an excuse to indulge in a bad habit. The bad habit would be stopping all healthful habits and picking up all those bad habits you had. These habits would be overeating/gluttony which brings sloth into your life. Other habits are not drinking water, not eating anyContinue reading “Bad Eating Habits “ Holiday Edition””

Fail 2 Plan = Plan to Fail

I saw this title inside a book & I thought that it was definitely worthy of a blog post. I’m 50/50 with this quote. One side of me feels that Planning is beneficial. As the say, proper preparation prevents poor performance. Which I agree with; I know that when you are truly prepared everything willContinue reading “Fail 2 Plan = Plan to Fail”

Five Ethics of Life

Listen before you speak Listen more than you speak; it’s a reason we have two ears. You can learn more from listening then you can from speaking. Earn before you spend Don’t be so FAST to spend your money. Make your money work for you. Have your money generate income for you! Obtain sources ofContinue reading “Five Ethics of Life”


My viewpoint on hospitals, doctors and BIG PHARMA is that it’s SICK CARE 101 What’s SICK CARE 101? That’s when physicians/doctors/nurses are mostly treating symptoms of sickness/illness by prescribing medications to help the person manage their sickness/illness. When you’re managing a disease; it’s a WIN WIN for BIG PHARMA because it allows the people toContinue reading “SICK CARE is PROFITABLE”

Dangers of Iron Supplements

Iron is essential and is the most abundant metals on earth; but yet there is a worldwide deficiency. Which leads to people feeling the need to take iron supplements since they don’t consume enough on a daily. However, this comes with a price to pay. DID YOU KNOW: iron supplements are pro-oxidative meaning they promoteContinue reading “Dangers of Iron Supplements”