Is Following Bad?

Why has following been deemed as something bad? We say stop being a follower, would you follow your friends off a bring if they jump, and all these other sayings that dictate that following is Bad.

I think you need to have discernment when you decide to follow someone or something. You shouldn’t follow someone who is doing something that goes against your morals, values, and principles. You shouldn’t follow someone or something that is detrimental to the lives of others. Things like this should be common sense but nowadays common sense isn’t so common.

Now what I wanted to talk about in this post is that following can be good too. Especially if the person, group, or organization that you’re following are aligned with your morals, values and principles. You can learn a lot from following someone. Hence, social media — yes, I know everyone doesn’t use them for the right reasons but you can follow individuals on their and learn so so much. You just have to use discernment on who you will follow, who you allow to plant seeds in your mind, and what things you’re allowing into your eyes which are the windows to the soul ( your soul is your mind, will and emotions)

You can be a follower of Jesus Christ and you will become such an amazing individual. You can be a follower of such amazing individuals in this world and learn so much. You will become a better individual only if you follow the right people.

Following isn’t bad, it’s who you follow that matters.

Ask yourself

Where are they leading you?


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