Living With Excellence

*information obtained from Uncommon Wisdom by Tom Feltenstein

What’s Excellence?

Excellence is never an accident. It is only achieved as a result when there is unrelenting and vigorous insistence on the highest standards of performance. It requires an unswerving expectancy of quality.

Excellence is contagious. It infects and affects everyone. (those who you are around you will become) Once excellence is achieved, it has the ability of permeating every area of your life or organization.

Excellence is like domino toppling; one you achieve excellence or success in one aspect, it is like a match to a fire. You then have the desire to achieve success or excellence in other areas because of the momentum obtained from the success in previous endeavors.

How to obtain Excellence?

  • excellence demands commitment and tenacious dedication
  • It must be nourished and continually reviewed and renewed (meaning tracking the progress of your endeavors and finding out what works and what doesn’t work)
  • is a never-ending process of learning and growing
  • requires a spirit of motivation and boundless energy

Excellence is the result of a creatively conceived and precisely planned effort.


Excellence inspires; it electrifies. It demands adaptability, imagination, and vigor. It requires a constant state of self-discovery and discipline.

Once it becomes the expected standard of performance, it develops a fiercely driving and motivating philosophy of operation. Excellence is a state of mind put into action. It is a road map to success. When a climate of excellence exists, all things come easier. Excellence is important in an organization because it flows through everything.

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