Managers v. Leaders

*information obtained from Uncommon Wisdom by Tom Feltenstein

What is Management?

Management is the administrative ordering of things; with written plans, organizational charts, annual objectives, frequent reports, position papers.

What is a Leader?

Leaders provide visionary inspiration, motivation, and direction. Leadership generates an emotional connection between the leader and the led. It attracts people and inspires them to put forth incredible effort in a common cause.

An Optimal Leader

An Optimal Leader |

  1. Leaders create values through communication. They are great communicators, who thrive on communicating their own organization’s, and values.
  2. Leaders develop committed followers. They understand the power of groups and the benefits of communicating in a group setting.
  3. Leaders inspire lofty accomplishments. They use small wins to build confidence and motivate people to do more.
  4. Leaders focus their attention on important issues.
  5. Leaders connect their group to the outside world by both giving and getting information.
  6. Leaders are instilled with observable behaviors.

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