Two Major Water Toxins

Fluoride was first introduced into our drinking water to prevent tooth decay. However, when isolated from nature, fluoride is a toxic inorganic mineral that does harden the teeth, but at a cost to the body. Fluoride indiscriminately hardens other areas of the body.

When fluoride is combined with sodium to produce sodium fluoride, then consumed — it leads to the body experiencing a host of health problems.

For example, the soft tissues and great transport system (arteries, veins and capillaries) harden. This is commonly called atherosclerosis. Cholesterol is usually blamed for this, but it’s actually caused by the consumption of toxic tap water.

Your tissues need to be soft and pliable. When you age, you naturally become less flexible. Your muscles and joints become supple along with your internal organs; tissues, and transport system. Your skin naturally loses it collagen, causing it to weaken and wrinkle. Fluoride can accelerate the internal hardening of the body, as well as the breakdown of collagen in the skin.

The Biological Trace Elements Research Journal stated “ a consistent and strong association between the exposure to fluoride and a low IQ”.

Suggestion | you should consume healthy foods with natural organic fluoride such as grapes, potatoes, fruits, nuts and vegetables

Scientists attempted to achieve a noble goal but created a health disaster.

Chlorine is another toxic chemical used in our water supply. Although, chloride is naturally found in nature and is an important organic mineral used by the body to help regulate metabolism. However, when chloride is combined with sodium to produce sodium chloride, toxicity develops and can result in hardening of the arteries along with high blood pressure.

Chlorine was first introduced as a sanitizer for our water supply. It does a good job of killing many doorman of bacteria, which is why it is commonly used in swimming pools. However, chlorine is toxic to the liver and has been known to cause a myriad of health problems.

Did You Know | chlorine has the potential to kill off the natural “friendly” bacteria that live in the body whose job is to automatically fight off harmful bacteria. This destruction of good bacteria greatly suppresses the immune system, leading to numerous health problems down the road.


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