Toxic Water

*information obtained from the book “ Health is Wealth” by Dr. Scott C. Senne”

The key to look and feel young, and holding on to our youthful health is being internally clean. Being free from the inorganic minerals that keep our organs from functioning properly.

The inorganic minerals present in tap water makes us age both internally and externally, causing us to feel and look old well before our time.

To prevent sickness, disease, and degeneration, you have to avoid those deadly toxins found in water. As the number of inorganic minerals and other toxins present in our drinking water increases, so does the number of chronic diseases that attack the body.

The human body is an amazingly efficient instrument that can handle its share of abuse over time. But not even the human body can maintain health when it’s constantly being subjected to toxic substances.

Why is toxic water so detrimental to health?

Water acts as a great carrier by helping to transport nutrients to all the cells and organs of the body. But when the water contains inorganic minerals, they get transported to the organs as well. This stresses the organs and results in a host of problems, including arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stones, liver disease, skin problems, loss of flexibility in muscles and heart disease.

The minerals you get from tap water are inorganic minerals such as sodium chloride, sodium fluoride, aluminum, and lead. These minerals tend to calcify causing plaque to develop in the body; which creates a host of degenerative conditions.

The human body is made up of a great transport system that includes arteries, veins and capillaries. Calcification, which is the hardening of tissue which occurs in areas of the body due to the drinking of toxic water.

In ideal circumstances, these toxins are picked up by the bloodstream, filtered through the liver and kidneys and then flushed out. However, if the blood vessels become stiff with calcification and the liver and kidneys become hardened and clogged, the are unable to filter out the toxins, leading to Ill health.

Clean Water is one of the most effective and inexpensive forms of healthcare.

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