The Illusion of Choice

The illusion of choice is a psychological mental model that states humans are happy if they believe that have control over their own actions and can exercise free will. If free will is deprived, or seemingly deprived, from an individual, he or she will become resentful or rebellious, even if the choice forced upon him is identical to the one he would have selected of his own accord.

Society has given us the illusion of choice, so we feel and think that we are thinking for ourselves but in reality, they are doing all the thinking for you. It’s like the helegian dialectic when someone or something creates a problem just to turn around and give you the solution. So they use the problem as bait and hook you by giving you an illusion of choice as you were assisting in solving a problem; when in reality they already had the problem solved.

How the Hegelian Dialectic Became a Far-Right Conspiracy Theory

The Illusion of Choice is all throughout our life; when we are purchasing cars, food, clothes and much more. They use marketing and jingles to get certain products in your head so once it’s time to hit the store, your mind is already made up before you get there. Why do you think companies are spending millions of dollars on marketing? It has to have a great return on investment.

Marketing is a byproduct of helegian dialectic, they present you with a everyday common problem that millions of people face such as spilling something on floor, smelly room, etc then they turn around and solve the problem for you. (all of your problems would be saved if you would just by this product)

The Illusion of Choice plays a role with voting too; because if the popular vote actually elected presidents certain people would not have been president but that’s not the case. The electoral college selects the president for you; so they are giving you the illusion as if you were actually selecting the president or people in office; but in reality they already know who will be elected.

Presidents Are Selected FDR Quote Shirt - Liberty Maniacs

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