Soul Ties 101

*information obtained from Pastor Darby

A soul tie is a phrase which some people use to refer to a spiritual connection between two people. In many cases, it is said to come into existence after two people have been physically intimate.

Soul Ties remain in your life even though y’all don’t talk or communicate anymore. So anybody you’ve had sex with, when you see them your mind can instantly go back to where y’all was because there is a spiritual connection — soul tie.

Satan taught us that sex is for pleasure, so you think that’s it; but you don’t see the invisible exchange. You don’t know that you got more out of that encounter than you bargained for.

If you ever meet the wrong person, someone with a strong demon. That person will be the one you usually fall in love with. You’ll think you are falling in love with them, but in actuality there’s a spirit manipulating you to be in this relationship.

So when you say you’re done, that spirit will come to you to manipulate you to get back in that relationship.

SEX isn’t what we’ve been programmed to think.

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