Semen Retention

Information obtained from Pastor Percy

It takes about 64 days for the male’s body to reproduce sperm and around 20 to 28 days for it to be transported and finally ejaculated.

Sperm & Semen are two differnt things |

Sperm are the reproductive swimmers on a mission

Semen is the slip and slide substance

It’s believed that it takes 80 drop sof blood to create a single drop of semen; meaning it takes a whole lot of energy for your body to create your juice.

Benefits of Semen Retention

When your sexual energy grows you experience a massive increase in energy you become a hunderdfold more creative; you enter the state if effortless flow, you become ambitous, more confindent, very persuavive, stoic, you effortlessly become a leader and not a follower.

Not draining your fluid keeps you from draining your testerone which has a major positive impact on muscle growth and fat burning.

You will began to turn heads.

You will be more attractive to woman because you pheromones will be much more potent and woman sense that and they will want you and will start to chase you instead of you chasing them. You will began to look, be and feel more attractive and confindent in their eyes.

When you’re not wasting your semen your body is then able to suspend it on you meaning it begins to make you a better creation; nicer hair, deeper voice, muscle mass, you’ll be sharper and extremely motivated. So whatever you put your head to it becomes successful. You’re running and you turnaround and see the competition out of breathe while you’re still on a steady sprint.

Sexual energy is like a venomous snake, if it’s always draining it’s posionious glands, when it comes time to fight a predator that snake will be drained out, pretty much useless; if you let your energy fill up, it begins to churn and become potent which will cause your energy to rise.

Instead of buying loads of supplements to increase testerone, you should stop empyting your sack because testerone is produced there.

THINK ABOUT IT | in this society we are charged for literally everything; but pornography is free. Because they know that the power of sexual energy brewining within is what makes legends who will be remembered.

Normally, you’re Peter Parker kind of darky and lame but then you learn about your sexual energy increasing through the art of semen retention and you become venom; then you will start to walk around with swag, become stronger, smarter, more confindent and you will began to turn heads.

A Dangerous Man

A man who can controls his sexual urges is a focused man and a focused man is a dangerous man especially in 2020 where there is distraction all around us.

When you lose the battle over your eyes gates, you lose the battle over your heart and whatever goes through the eyes goes to the heart and what’s in the heart will determine the decisions you make which will determine how your spend your time and reveal what’s guiding your life.

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