Your Addicted

Once you’re addicted, your addiction will control you; because you have trained yourself to feed your addiction to satisify it when it calls.

Some people have an addictive behavior, they have a tendency(weakness) to over indulge. Ex. if someone is addicted to coffee, they can’t just have one cup.

In addition, because of D.N.A and generational curses that has been passed down, people have a tendency towards certain sin.

When satan comes for you; he will never come for you if you don’t have a desire or weakness to smoke weed cause he know you don’t induldge but if he know there is a tendency (weaknesss) then he will come to you in that area. Satan will never come to you unless he knows there is a weakness in a area.

God doesn’t do wvil or entice(tempt) you with evil.

I have my own tendency. I am drawn away by my own stuff. Your stuff isn’t mine and mine isn’t yours.

In order for satan to be effective, his strategy is to find out what is your weakness. Sometimes he evens manufactuer the sin into your life. The sin of the parents are passed down to the children. Satan knows he could get a harvest of souls with unrepented sins. Satan knows that he must sow sin into the lives of the parents because they will pass this unrepentive sin down to the children which means satan has another crop.

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