The Problem With Lust

Pastor Darby Sermon Takeaways |

Lust reduces you to the base form of an animal; animals don’t think they just move by instinct.

When a person becomes addicted to something satan uses the addiction to cause them to live out the base form of themselves; which means they will live out of their instincts like an animal. For example, when a person gets on drugs they no longer decide themselves to do drugs, the drugs take over and the drugs tell them to do things more instinctively.

God expects us to be in our right mind; we must think before we make decisions. Be slow to speak.

If you live out of base instinct, the instinct thinks for you; example, someone who is addicted to food, doesn’t think about eating, their stomach says I want this and before they are able to reason they are already moving to satisfy the instinct. They have been reduced to an animal, because they are being lead by their instincts.

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