Lust in our Hearts

Don’t look upon a woman to lust after her. Just because we don’t do it phsyically (sexual intercourse) doesn’t mean we don’t have a lust problem in our heart (meaning having sex with a woman in our mind)

God is after the heart, he wants you to be free in your heart.

Married man who are involved in porn feel less satisifed with their relationship and less emotionally attached to their wives. Porn makes you feel less satisfed with your wife because she’s not a fanasty; she’s a real woman. A real woman has moods, cycles, faults and more. No woman or man is perfect

Porn has warped men minds to view woman as wonderwoman or an acrobat. Porn causes a man to feel less attracted to his life because she can’t measure to that.

Porn use is a pathway to infedility and divorce and it’s a major factor in family diseasters. Porn is the cause of incest, hence most predators aren’t outside the house.

Lust starts basic (swim suit magazines) but then from there here comes nudity; but it’s still a baby step due to their soul being sensitive to too much sin. Next, they want to see the act. They have become desensitized to inercourse, now they want to see only women, orgies, and more explict things.

Once they become so full of it, they can’t even look at a person normally. When they should see daughter, cousin, son, mom, dad, they don’t see it. They are so filled with explicit images, that when they look they get aroused.

Due to the lust, he/she now has a pornography heart. From that point, he/she doesn’t need stimulation because everything he/she has watched is already in him.

He/She doesn’t see face, he sees body. A body without face is universal.

Pornography trains you not to see the person. But to see them as an object for your release, your desire and lust.

A normal man would see this is someone daughter beening used and abused; but he doesn’t see it, all he sees is the object of his release.

Pornography functions in the brain where drugs do, that’s why it’s addictive. (it’s a high) It’s a relief, an escape to a world you can control since you can’t control the natural world. Users tend to get bored with what they started with so they start to seek the perverse.


Men who view porn rehgularly have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexuality; rape, sexual aggression, and sexual promiscuity.

The F.B.I interviwed some of the all time famous serial killers, alarmingly 88% percent said that porn was the stimulant that led them down the road of not being fulfilled with normal sex.

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