Recognize People Gifts

Do you have the ability to recognize another person gifts?

Pastor Darby, ” to bring out gifts in a person is what makes you valuable”

One thing I have started to become aware of is the ability to recognize someone’s skill or gift.

I like to have conversations with people to see if I can either recognize a hidden talent or gift.

For example, I remember talking to a fellow co-worker and he was telling me about injuries he has faced; but he couldn’t see that the things he been through was a blessing in disguise.

You may be thinking how could that be?

The injuries he faced were actually a blessing because now he has experience in a field that most don’t have; so now he knows how it feels to be injured and what it takes to bounce back. I was talking to him to help him become aware of how he could use that setback to his advantage.

He could help those people who are experiencing what he has experienced.

Recognizing another person gifts makes you valuable because then you are able to see a diamond in the rut; you can see someone’s gift which could help them walking in blessing sooner. (maybe, everything is in God’s timing, so maybe you just planted a seed)

What are your thoughts?

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