Question Storming

(*information obtained from the book “A More Beautiful Question”)

Question storming focus less on volume and moves more quickly to improving the questions generated by the group, by opening closed questions and closing opened ones. The key is to converge around the best questions. However, with brain storming many ideas are tossed out, but the groups often don’t know how to winnow down to the best ideas.

Question storming helps to winnow down questions because the best questions are magnetic; they intrigue people, make them want to work more on those. Question-storming is becoming more realistic and achievable than brainstorming. Instead of hoping that you’ll emerge from a meeting with “the answer” (which almost never happens and thus leaves people frustrated), the goal is to come out of it with a few promising and powerful questions; which is likely to provide a sense of direction nd momentum.

It’s usually easier to come up with question than ideas; we don’t have to divine a solution from the air or connect ideas in a fantastically original manner; we just have to come at the problem from a slightly different angle of inquiry. Questions will allow us to see our problem from different perspectives/angles which allows us to direct our focus to better solve a specific problem rather than solving a problem just to say we did something.

What are your thoughts?

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