Appreciative Inquiry

(*information obtained from the book “A More Beautiful Question”)

The main premise of appreciative inquiry is that positive questions, focusing on strengths and assets, tend to yield more effective results than negative questions focusing on problems or deficits. Strength-based questioning focuses on what is working in our lives so that we can build upon that and get more out of it.

While, Self-Questioning can easily drift toward dissatisfaction, regret and feeling of helplessness: Why don’t I have more money, a better job, a bigger circle of friends and so forth. It can also help us become aware of what is working in our lives so then we know what habits to keep and which ones we should eliminate.

What is missing or lacking can point to opportunities for progress and improvement, but such questions can also evoke negative feelings, and as David Cooperrrider the appreciative inquiry guru has mentioned, people are more likely to take constructive action when they feel hopeful and recognize all they have going for them already.

Simply by asking, at the end of each day, What am I grateful for? and writing down the anwsers in a gratitude journal, people tend to be happier, more optimistic, more successful, more likely to acheive their goals.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself

(Changed Lives New Journeys Questions)

  1. What is working well?
  2. Can you think of things you have done to help things going well?
  3. What have you tried? And what has been helpful?
  4. Tell me about what other people are contributing to things going well for you?
  5. What could be going better?
  6. What stops things working better for you?
  7. What would be happening if things were working better for you?
  8. What small thing could you do that would make a difference?
  9. Tell me about what a good day looks like for you? What makes it a good day?
  10. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you say X is? What might make that score a little better?


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