Tortoise Enclosure

We all need a Tortoise Enclosure. A tortoise enclosure is that sheltered, quiet place where you can go for extended periods to think without interruption. This place can enable oneself to write or engage in other creative activities, but going to the tortoise enclosure can also enable deep questioning which is a form of creative thinking.

In today’s world, stepping back or retreating to one’s creative shell may require unplugging from the internet. While the web, is a great source for quick answers to practical questions, it’s more apt to keep you skimming the surface and jumping from one idea to another, as opposed to focusing, without distraction, on one deep question. The internet also bombards you with other people’s thoughts, ideas and expertise; which may leave little room for your own creative thinking. And it’s a source of endless interruptions, with every e-mail or tweet providing an excuse to stop thinking.

Questions to Ask Yourself ?

  • Where is my tortoise enclosure?
  • Would I benefit from having a tortoise enclosure?
  • How could I create my own tortoise enclosure?
  • How often would I use it?

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