Millennials Dream Job

Young workers, in particular, have shown they want to align themselves with companies that support principles and values similar to their own, and companies that are contributing to a greater good.

The modern workers were all about salary but today millennials are about purpose.

Millennials are increasing saying they want to do something they really believe in, a company that stands for something more than just what it sells or creates, it can develop a deeper relationship with both consumers and employees.

I definitely relate to this because once I got out of college, I had a good paying job. My salary was starting off at $40,000 but it didn’t really match my purpose. Even though I could have made a impact with that, I know in my heart I was meant to go a different path. Now, I am a part time entrepreneur creating my dream job. I have more peace and I like what I do because it aligns with my values.

What are your thoughts?

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