Quick way 2 the Demonic World

*information obtained from Pastor Darby | click link to see video https://youtu.be/a8zTl3B7MH8

A quick way to the demonic world; hence why Satan has flooded our world with it so much because it’s how ancient demonic people such as Nephilim who are false gods that worshipped Satan. In this blog, as Pastor Darby mentioned, the purpose is to inform you about the tricks of the enemy that causes the doors of possession to be open.

The devil must be kept out, based on not tampering with things that give him foot holes or strongholds in your life. Nowadays, people need deliverance all over the place and people are battling so much is because of worshipping demons through pleasure. (Blowjobs, Anal, and more)

Satan is crafty because he is tied into the lust of the flesh, or natural drive of the flush , and he knows based off the natural drive of the flesh; man will be overstimulated and he will go into the forbidden. The forbidden is what the bible calls “unnatural“.

In the last days, men will be lovers of pleasure and they will be lovers of themselves more than lovers of God. There are many things that men do that are pleasurable and that will be the things that take them to hell; it’s the things the enjoy doing.

It’s what they enjoy doing because they have a hook. It’s a sexual hook in the flesh and they don’t understand that they must be delivered. It’s not a natural affection but an unnatural/supernatural drive to do these things. It’s a spirit motivating you to sin.

If it’s natural it will match-up and it will fit right. Unnatural must be forced; which means it don’t fit or match-up. People nowadays are under curses because they doing things that are unnatural.

  • The male and female body anatomy lines up | eyes to eyes, chest to chest, and reproductive organ to reproductive organ.

As long as they do things that line up they won’t be sinning but when they do things that don’t line up it becomes unnatural because natural fits. When you engage in the unnatural (meaning it don’t fit) meaning a man/woman ain’t lining up; their eyes are somewhere else other than connected to mine than it’s unnatural. If your mind hasn’t become seared due to all your wrongdoing, your conscious would convict you because your conscious knows it’s not natural.

Natural is in harmony with nature or creation; whatever is naural will not go against nature it will be in harmony

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