(*information obtained from the book “A More Beautiful Question”)

The desire to be known for something hinders you from connecting with others, who could potentially help you solve problems. I say that because, you become selfish with your ideas and you choose to not connect with people because you think they would steal it. I understand why someone would do that because people have stolen other people ideas in the past; however, I also think that certain ideas/projects require a team. This will allow you to obtain new perspectives which could help you solve your problem even faster than you could by yourself.

When looking at a challenging problem or question, the more perspectives that can be brough to bear, the better. When trying to answer tough questions, if we have people with diverse tools, they will get stuck in different places. As you look for potential collaborators, aim for people with backgrounds, cultural experiences, and skills sets that differ from your own, diversity fuels creativity.

What are your thoughts?

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