Creating Minimum Viable Products

(*information obtained from the book “A More Beautiful Question”)

The rapid test-and-learn approach

Eric Ries suggests that entrepreneurs, existing companies or anyone trying to create something new and innovative must find ways to constantly experiment and quickly put new ideas out into the world for public consumption, rather than devoting extensive resources and time to trying to perfect ideas behind closed doors.

Businessed need to focus on developing minimum viable products; quick, imperfect test versions of ideas that can be put out into the marketplace in order to learn what works and what doesn’t.

This sounds like a intriguing concept and when I think about it, this concept has been used throughout the world. This way of thinking helps you get rid of the perfectionism mindset and puts you in a mindset that failing is only bringing you closer to success. You will never know how close you are to success if you never try. You must at least attempt so you can learn and get better from your mistakes; you will never do anything right the first time. However, there is so much you gain/learn on failure than success; failure teaches you more than success.

What are your thoughts?

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