No Punishment = No Fear of God

I was reading Exodus last night before I went to bed. I came across a verse that really stuck out to me. ( Deuteronomy 19:15 to 21) It really made sense to me and it was easy to see its presence in todays world. Hence, why the bible even talks about not sparing the rod when disciplining your child. You can easily see what children was spared and what children were not spared the rod. Of course, there are people who are going to say there are many other ways of disciplining your child but as we see, those ways are not as successful as the original.

In this blog, I wanted to highlight how when there is no punishment for wrongdoing; then overtime the fear of God will lessen. For example, back then when people sinned against God, they were punished which implement the fear of God but also implemented righteousness because then people knew if they sinned, they would be punished, and everyone wants to live a life free of punishment.  

However, nowadays are totally different which correlates why there is a lesser fear of God because people are not punished the way there were punished back then. Do not get me wrong; there is still punishment for your sin. All sin leads to death. The difference is back then, you were dealt with right away by fellow believers, but nowadays it might take a little time and the punishment is different. Remember, everything happens in the spiritual before the physical, so you will be punished in the spiritual before punished in the physical.

For example, those who sin and watch pornography will be dealt with in the spiritual before the physical. In the spirit, you will be attacked by demons of lust which is a downward spiral and that spirit/demon entices you to continue to sin which causes you to be more lustful. Lust is never satisfied. In the physical, you will have anxiety, you will have problems with your health and much more. If you are a man, it will cause you to be more lustful toward women, you will not even be able to hold a conversation with her. You will have lower testosterone which makes you less manly, lessen your strength and much more.

So to wrap this all up, due to the lack of punishment nowadays in physical there has been a decrease in people who fear wrongdoing and people who fear sinning.  

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