Stepping back helps us move forward

(*information obtained from the book “A More Beautiful Question”)

The term stepping back is often used when we talk about questioning; step back and ask why, step back and reconsider, and so forth. But what are we stepping back from?

When stepping back we need to distance ourselves from our assumptions and expertise; you have to stopping knowing and start to wonder.

When we step back, even though we are seeing essentially the same realities and situations. But with more distance, a bigger pictures comes into view. We may now be able to see the overall context; we might notice the patterns and relationships between things we’d previously thought of as separate. This can change everything. Upon stepping back and reexamining something you’ve been looking at the same way for years, you might suddenly feel as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

When you stepping back, you can finally start to analyze your life. You go from a 20 inch tv to a movie theater screen; which allows you to obtain a new perspective because now you can see things with a new set of binoculars.

  • You should analyze relationships | is this person right for me? are they adding value to my life?
  • You should analyze goals | are this goals moving me forward or am I just going in a circle?
  • You should analyze obstacles | why am I facing this? what caused it?
  • You should analyze habits | are this habits beneficial or detrimental?
  • You should analyze about any and everything in your life

Stepping back is a way of seeing your self from another’s perspective. Normally you can’t see what those relationships are doing to you but others can. You can’t see how your change of habits are affecting you but others can. So once you allow yourself to step back and analyze these things, now you can start to see things as they saw it. It might not be exactly as they saw it, but it definitely gives you a new way of looking at things which then makes you choose | either I am going to keep doing such or I am going to change. THE CHOICE IS YOURS

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