Fear is the enemy of Curiosity

*information obtained from ” A More Beautiful Question” by Warren Berger

If you’re in a situation when you feel pressured to look a certain way; which could be categorized as fear, then that would cause you to lose your curiosity because you are in fear of being different. You are in fear of standing out and having a different perspective from others.

Fear implies anxiety and usually loss of courage. According to thegreensrooms, Fear can be extremely helpful as it assists us to avoid dangers, e.g. if we are scared the lion will eat us we don’t walk up to it and try to pat it. However, when fear takes over our lives, it becomes a more serious issue. If we allow our fear to change us and take control, we empower it.

So fear can be a two sided sword, fear can protect you but fear can also hinder you. You must know what fear is doing the moment you fell fear. Ask yourself, is this going to protect me or is this hindering me? Is this protecting me from hurting myself or is this stopping me from being my true self?

You shouldn’t let fear control your life; you must take control of fear. Acknowledge that it is that; but don’t let fear make drastic life choices for you especially if it’s not protecting you or helping you in anyway.

The title Fear is the enemy of curiosity was focused on how people let fear stop them being curious; how it stops us from asking questions, how it stops us from getting an understanding because we are fearful of they change. We are fearful of how our curiosity could change our relationships. We must remember; relationships are for a reason, season or a lifetime. Everything that is for you will be for you; but sometimes things aren’t meant to last; they have run their course.

Are you letting fear hinder your curiosity?

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