Questions help you obtain the right skills.

(*information obtained from the book “A More Beautiful Question”)

When you are looking to obtain specific skills like if you were to do a training program. It would be of your best interest if you where to question what skills you need, if the training you are going to do is beneficial and if it would be worthwhile.

“How can you know whether training is worthwhile, or which kinds of training, without first spending time on questions as.”

  • How is my field/industry changing?
  • What trends are having the most impact on my field, and how is that likely to play out over the next few years?
  • Which of my existing skills are most useful and adaptable in this new environment – and what new ones do I need to add?
  • Should I diversify more – or focus on specializing in one area?
  • Should I be thinking more in terms of finding a job – or creating one?

Questions provide more direction than answers; because the right question will lead you in the right direction but even the most perfect answer can mislead you. If you were thinking about obtaining a new certificate; yes or no should not be the final decision, but you should question everything about the certificate.

  • Will this certificate help me? If so, how so?
  • Will this certificate help me get a job or create my own?
  • Why is this certificate required? Is there way around it?
  • Can I afford this at the moment?
  • Do I have the time to work on it? If not, is there sacrifices I can make so I can?

Do not just answer the question; question the question!

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