Spirit of Falsehood

*information is from Pastor Darby — click the link to watch video https://youtu.be/cruJtkJ6JJI

Falsehood — is an untruth by implication a scheme

Deceit, Liar, Lying, Vain that’s what falsehood means

A scheme or front like a actor has a part to play; many of us because if they way we were handled or mistreated; based upon the rejections, hurts and pain — we’ve began to pick up a role/ a part that we are playing — that is a front to keep people from ever hurting us again

So we began to live our lives out of falsehood — if you do that long enough you will no longer know who you are because you never developed yourself; you developed a character meaning you developed a script and your script was based on what you perceived people want out of you

So if you live your life developing a character you fail to develop yourself and if you don’t develop yourself you will end up with a confused life because you are going after things that the character you developed wants not necessarily what I want.

Ask yourself — are you living out of falsehood or are you being your true authentic self ?

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