Uncertainty can alter Habits

uncertainty, doubt, dubiety, skepticism, suspicion, mistrust mean lack of sureness about someone or something. uncertainty may range from a falling short of certainty to an almost complete lack of conviction or knowledge especially about an outcome or result.

Habits are a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. We are creatures of habit. Everything we think, say and do is a result of deep- seated habits etched into our minds through years and years of repitious behavior. (Entrepreneur.com)

I have experienced uncertainty throughout my life and I’m sure everyone could say the same. Uncertainty makes you feel unpleasant because it shows that you are not in control of your life all of the time. Things will happen which will bring uncertainty in your life and these things could alter your habits; especially if uncertainty flight was delayed.

When uncertainty starts to hang around and become an unwanted visitor; it can start to alter your habits. Sometimes we think if we change our habits maybe things would change.

Even though that works, that’s not the case for everyone and everything because maybe the uncertainty is there to shine light on something your over/under looking.

The uncertainty could cause you to feel depressed, restricted and just make you feel incapable which cause you to slack of your habits; even though you been doing this for months or years.

For example, I am a learner and I love reading. However, I experienced some uncertainty in my life and it made me put the book back on the shelf. It’s like I had lost the desire to read. I know it was still there; however, with the uncertainty that I was facing my mind was elsewhere.

Now, I have come to the realization of what happening and I’ll be starting a new book today called A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION.

If you are experiencing uncertainty in your life, I think you should analyze your life and see if the uncertainty is making you change some habits that you would rather stick around.

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