Colossians 2:13  You were spiritually dead because of your sins

SIN destroys your spirit. So you may ask what is Sin and what makes up your Spirit ?

The human spirit includes our intellect, emotions, fears, passions, and creativity. In the models of Daniel A. Helminiak and Bernard Lonergan, human spirit is considered to be the mental functions of awareness, insight, understanding, judgement and other reasoning powers

SIN causes your spirit to be numb to evildoing. It is similar to LUST; hence lust is never satisfied. For example, if you ever watched porn you start with basic but overtime you start getting into crazier and nastier things because the old stuff doesn’t do it anymore. SIN is the same way.

Once you numb your spirit to SIN, SIN will not even look like sin anymore. Evil things won’t even look evil to you anymore because you have already numb your spirit; you have numb your godly spirit (holy spirit) which knows what is right and wrong.

So with that being said, beware of sin because it will numb you and cause you to be more sinful.

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