Pursue Your Interests

Interest is the state of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.

Eric Thomas said ” DIE ON E” meaning to leave no dreams left behind.

So many of us have many interests, goals, dreams and aspirations that we would like to pursue but we either hinder ourselves or let others hinder us by placing their limitations on you.

Whatever interests you, I say you should pursue that because you never know what will happen just by pursuing that interest. You could meet someone, you could create a new product, get a new idea for a business or just obtain a new skill; the sky is the limit.

We are all gifted with a set of skills and abilities which we shouldn’t keep to ourselves; we should share our skills with the word. We shouldn’t keep our skills tucked away just because of some negative feedback. Everyone won’t like your skills or abilities; that’s life. But someone will so cater to those who desire your skill.

In addition, your interest could be something that brings you joy. It can be something you want to do but never had the courage to do so. You have to muster up the courage to be yourself and pursue all your interests because in not doing so; you aren’t truly being yourself and you aren’t truly living.

So with that being said, answer this two part question?

what’s something that interest you and what’s stopping you from pursuing it?

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