How Are You Asking ?

Most things and most answers come from the context of the question.

So you have to ask yourself; ” How are you asking” ? Are you asking the right questions and are you asking them in the right context ? Because the way someone interprets a question will determine how they answer the question. So if you really want a better detailed answer, then you have to think of a better detailed question. You have to make sure that your question is fully understood by the other person and also in what kind of why you are asking it. For example, if I want someone to take me to the store, I wouldn’t ask in a aggressive way because that would turn the person off from wanting to help me at all. The energy you give off and what you get back.

The reason why life has only given you so much is because you haven’t asked the right questions. Life will give you what you ask of it; God will give you what you ask of it. Ask and you shall receive

Patrick E. Winfield, ||

If you want a better life, it times to start asking yourself and others better questions

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