School teaches us how to memorize and regurgitate what we have learned. It doesn’t really teach us how to rationale think; Rational thinking is the ability to consider the relevant variables of a situation and to access, organize, and analyze relevant information (e.g., facts, opinions, judgments, and data) to arrive at a sound conclusion. (

SAT, ACTS and other standardized tested should be based off what you are taught; which would vary different on school districts and zones. I say that because everyone isn’t taught the same thing so some students already have the upper when it comes to these tests. In addition, people pay for tutors and practice tests; like if these tests are suppose to measure what I have learned then why is there such a need for parents to pay for tutors. During these practice exams, students are learning more because what is on the standarizded test; I say about 50% you didn’t learn in school.

TRUE EDUCATION teaches you how to utilize your skills in the modern world.

  • Balancing a Checkbook
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Basic First Aid

The list goes on an on…. true education focuses on life skills.

DID YOU KNOW education comes from the Latin word (educe) when means to draw forth or bring out.


3 thoughts on “TRUE EDUCATION

  1. dolphinwrite says:

    Good points. I think, if all good schools did was teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, along with real history, they might be worth sending kids to, though I would caution parents to wait until they are in middle school, taking care of their education during the early years, until they can differentiate between rhetoric and facts.

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      1. dolphinwrite says:

        They grow up “in it.” They learn from those around them. Occasionally, one “sees” things outside the box, but most don’t, finding themselves in the mainstream (In a sense.). For instance, a person above made an interesting comment that science is limited. When I read that, I stopped. How, I wondered, did the person arrive at that conclusion? I don’t believe that person did much thinking, finding it easier to make blanket statements acceptable to most (I wondered if that was how his/her home-life was that way.). And children grow up with many who don’t examine their own thinking, their own reasoning, and sifting through the rhetoric and propaganda. That’s where parents, aunts and uncles, and teachers are supposed to come in, but you can forget the education system as the ones there are mostly vetted to propaganda and rhetoric. Regarding aunts and uncles, the parents have to guage their honesty. And parents need to start thinking through the process to understanding.

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