Elimination of the 3 Systems

The New Deal has eliminated the three systems: Legislative, Judicial and Executive

Now it has been divided into political and administrative states.

The administrative state now exercises the power of making the laws under which we live.

Regulations are made not for the benefit of the people, but to benefit the corporations who depend upon certain regulation and contracts from the government.

Courts don’t consider or weight outcomes of regulations/programs devised by administrative officials because these bureaucrats are considered the experts in their given field. It’s assumed that they know what they’re doing. To interfere is to undermine their expertise.

FDR secretly expanded the role of government to an unprecedented degree. Now presidents are now expected to campaign on a set of policies they intend to implement once in office. The success of the presidents tenure is measured by how much of this legislative agenda he runs through congress.

Circumventing the checks/balance put in place by the constitution leads to less freedom and more government.

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